Season 3 Finale

…Season 3 Finale…

A big thank you to anyone who has enjoyed my artwork and photos over the years, and of course those who have met me in “real life” and have a slightly better idea of the person that at first glance, “just draws and takes photos of girls…”  As you are reading this, I should be on a plane to Laos, waiting to see what awaits me in my place of birth, a place that I haven’t been to back to since my family fled as refugees.

One of the reasons why I take so many photos is because there was a time when it was difficult to have any images of anything.  Back then film was such an expensive commodity, and I, like so many others from that part of the world, am lucky to have a few photos of when I was a child.  Of course those photos were refugee photos, taken with hardware far inferior to the gear we have today, but those photos are constant reminders of what life was like–and is still like for many.  No matter what camera gear I take back, there’s no way to capture the pathos that emanates from a family photo depicting people possessing nothing but the clothes on their backs.

So wish me luck, since I’m a spoiled American, a person that complains about washing dishes, but never really appreciating how that water magically comes out of the tap, effortless and cool.  As far as life, art, words and matters of the heart, I hope to come back with a new perspective on all those things.  I’ve been told many times that I “…think too much about things…” but that is me, can’t deny it.  I just hope that my artwork and photos communicates something to the viewer.  Never got into this stuff to get famous or wealthy, I just want to share what’s important in my life.


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