Notes:  Camera companies should realize that the megapixel race and feature creep isn’t what some of us really want for all devices.  We want the ability to mimic what was, and still are, some expensive captures of random moments in life.  And we also want it for free!  That’s where the Instagram application comes in.  The iPhone (and its pocket brethren) aren’t so much cameras as they are miniature computers that have imaging devices.  Normally I’m not a big fan of shoot and post right away, which is the main problem of all the photo sharing sites out there, but man is it ever cool to mimic Polaroid and the lo-fi Lomo look with a click and send it on its way.

I like how it brings so many more people into the fold, ones that can understand the lo-fi/hi-fi art mentality of some visual things.  Art and images that are so bad, they become good.  Maybe it will make the mainstream start to wonder why images such as the ones Instagram can create, stirs emotions in us, or forces us to look longer at an image, rather than just glance by the modern stuff.  One final thought, as with everything that the cool kids (cough, cough, us artists…) are in to, it’s only a matter of time before things are too saturated…or perhaps things already are.  All I know is, this is still a golden age in photography.

Above:  Yes, I drove to this spot, knowing I wanted to use it for an Instagram. 🙂  The iPhone’s flower petal flaring is already a flaw-turned-signature.

Below:  Then I thought about what the one click filters would do to some of my drawings.

Below: Art school student photographers rejoice, now everyone can mimic expensive medium format

I still have this pack of Polaroid film.  Guess I’m waiting til the end of the world to use it.

Above is an older photo shot with a “real” camera, and I just pulled it into the program to add the lo-fi goodness.

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