Model: Rosanna
MUA / Hair: Nhi

Wardrobe Info: My jacket and a pair of faux snake skin pants that I got from a thrift store for $1. 🙂

For these next photos I shot film to test out the Mola softlite.  F100, Kodak BW400CN and the one light setup.  One thing I have to remind myself is to always trigger the Pocket Wizard to wake up the SB800.  When you shoot film with an automatic advance camera, you will inevitably waste a few frames when the lights do not trigger.  This year I’m trying to keep the mentality of “shoot less, and keep even less.”  You can say a lot or nothing at all in 24 frames.  The negatives were developed at the local Walgreens and “scanned” strobist style using the same setup as usual.

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