Sam’s Club Misc Prints

Sam’s Club Mousepad Print $6.86

I’m still waiting for my other prints, but here’s what came in the other day: a mousepad, an 8×10″ puzzle and 50 free prints. 
(It seems the drawback for Sam’s Club Free Shipping on all photo print items is that I have to wait a very long time.  7-14 business days is a bit frustrating when the items I order from Costco are fulfilled quite fast.)
For the mousepad I reprinted one I made, gosh 16 years ago from Walmart.  You can see the old one in the above photo, and it’s pretty yucky with age and use.  The illustration means something to me as it was the first drawing I did that blended my theme of drawings of people I would meet in my day to day wanderings.  That was a fun summer of youth and no responsibilities.

Sam’s Club 8×10″ Puzzle $11.86

The puzzle comes in a neat little box that is big enough to hold a bunch of other things.  The pieces are pretty thick.  I deliberately picked a somewhat challenging image for the puzzle.  I think it will stay incomplete for a while.

Normal 4×6″ Glossy Prints

These are some of the free 4×6″ prints I got in the mail.  Pretty much run from the same Fujifilm plant and they look nice as usual.  A tad bit dark and contrasty on some images, but for 9 cents for each print normally I’m not going to complain.


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