Fujifilm (Costco) Metal Prints Review

Happy New Year everyone!  I know calendar switches don’t magically turn our fortunes or sorrows around, but I do wish the best for everyone out there.  Thanks for following along for 10+ years now!  I would like to thank FujiFilm for supplying me two 16×20″ metal prints for review.  It’s a bit hard to write about something you really need to see in person, but trust me, they look quite nice!  I compare it to holding a photograph that looks like it could double as a glossy computer or HDTV display.
These came in the mail about a month ago, but due to the passing of a close and dear family friend I didn’t get a chance to write about them until now.

Miss Universe Laos – 2019 – Fujifilm (Costco) 16×20 inch Metal Print with a Fujifilm X100 “Classic” for scale

Lao Weaver – 2008 – Fujifilm (Costco) 16×20 inch Metal Print

This is the big box that the prints came in. Definitely sturdy and well cushioned.

This is the back of the metal print. It also comes with parts for mounting. The edges of the aluminum are still quite sharp so you have to watch out for that.

The first vertical metal print is of Miss Universe Laos when she was here a few weeks ago.  The file I sent over was shot with a Nikon D610 and Nikon 105mm 1.4.  That camera produces 24MP files that have enough resolution at 300dpi for the print.  The lens is also plenty sharp, even when I choose to shoot wide open for that specific dreamy look.
All these images were shot with natural window light, so you can somewhat see what they look like during the day.  The surface is extremely glossy and will show reflections, but the strongest points is definitely the richness of color and contrast in the blacks.  Since I’ve been designing and printing with Fujifilm stuff for so long, the metal print looks almost identical to what I see on my computer.
The second print I chose for a few different reasons.  It’s one of my personal favorite images that I shot in Laos in 2008, with the third option in my bag, a “lowly” Nikon D50 with a Nikon 50mm 1.4D.  That camera is only 6MP, but I pulled up the original RAW file and uprezzed it a bit for 300dpi.  From a visual point of view, I think it’s a strong one, from the intentional focusing on the Lao textile weaver’s hands and the motion blur of the silk spinning.
I believe I shot 3 photos of her when we visited the village. The first had her looking off through the doorway that had the daylight spilling in.  The next frame I focused on her face, and the third frame in the sequence I focused on her hand.  I spoke to her in Lao and asked her how long she’d been spinning textiles.  She said over 60 years.
It’s a nice memory, a strong collection of complimentary colors, and shows what you can do with a modest megapixel image when transformed by a chemical process.  There’s hardly any noise or digital signatures most would associate with digital photography.  Again, I love shooting with anything, film or digital, but it’s the actual physical print that actually turns a memory into something tangible and free from online battles and endless argument.

No pixels, no grain, only smoothness due to the printing process

For this photo I took both of them downstairs and put them on the black backdrop and lit them with a tungsten Arri fresnel light.  They definitely look even better and more punchy, even with front lighting.  This printing technology would definitely be great for photography, art, or design students in college about to show their work.
So there you have it, two metal prints; one made with a modern 24MP digital file and the other with a 6MP 12 year old camera.  Both look very good to me and I will definitely be ordering more in the future!
Currently the Prices for Metal Prints via Costco are:
11 x 14 inches – $33.99
12 x 12 inches – $33.99
16 x 20 inches – $53.99
16 x 24 inches – $63.99
20 x 30 inches – $93.99
24 x 36 inches – $119.99
They also have coupons almost quarterly, so give them a try for some images that will definitely look quite “high def” and fitting for this era.  Thanks again to Fujifilm (in nearby South Carolina!) for supplying the prints!

I also gave Miss Universe Laos a photobook! 🙂  It’s definitely cool to give someone a real physical thing.  Stop chasing likes online and do something with all these fleeting memories! 😉
This is another product from Fujfilm/Costco that I really recommend.  As I have about 30+ personal books sitting here at home.  If you haven’t already, please check out my review and impressions of the Fujfilm (Costco) 12×12″ Lay Flat Books.


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