ZNO Photo Album Review

Hello everyone, I’ve been using ZNO for some recent books (as the Fujifilm books from Costco are no longer available), and I would have to say I really like the quality.  I got some photos printed on the plastic substrate a few years back and really liked them so I figured the full books would be just as nice.

As an aside, there are so many different printing services out there, all with varying prices and options.  Printing is definitely a rarity these days.  As I’ve written many times before, no matter the type of company or process, always print your photos to make sure we don’t lose memories.  Can’t have our moments lost in the cloud or at the mercy of changing technology and formats.

Here’s an example of a ZNO flush mount 12×12″:

Another example of a flush mount album:

This one is a bit lower cost lay flat, but it is still of the high print quality of the above books.  Only difference is the pages aren’t as rigid and straight but they do not flex as much as my older books.  The binding is different too.

Again, judging the quality of photo books by looking at them online on your phone probably is a bit fruitless, but in my opinion they are top notch.

This lay flat is similar to above in that the first and last pages is always blank.

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