Figure Drawing – 11-16-2011 – Atlanta Artists Center

Charcoal on Newsprint. This one was actually from last week’s session. Wasted 2 hours sitting in a Buckhead bar, and then I strolled into class with only a few minutes left.  Could have been drawing instead…

Charcoal on Newsprint. 15 minutes.

(2) Charcoal on Canson Bisque. I find that the warm up poses of models are usually the best ones. However, when the longer pose is struck, it is usually for the comfort of the model and to appease all of the artists sitting in the semi circle. So we usually have to go with a standard pose.

Detail. Photographed with my favorite portrait lens, the Nikon 105mm Micro VR. Since this lens goes to 1:1 magnification, this photographic reproduction is actual size. This level of detail is pretty much what I see when I worked on the drawing. By changing the image size for certain posts, hopefully everyone can see the type of mark making I employ when working on my two charcoal technique. 40 minutes.

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