Sunday Funday + Bonus Rainbow!

Thanks to Chalita and her dad for randomly stopping by the other day!  Here are some photos from a somewhat spontaneous mini adventure.  The rainbow was definitely unplanned, but for Georgia in the summer, it always has to shower unexpectedly somewhere.  Stepped out of the house with 3 cameras, and 3 different lenses. 

Nikon D610 + 105mm 1.4E  |  Canon 5D Classic + 35mm 1.4L  |  Fujifilm S5 Pro + 105mm 2.8 Micro VR

I like them all and again find great joy in learning which situations they best work in.  As well as the different ways to edit the raw files.  Photography is for sure about the moments and people, but for many of us the learning and “tuner” aspect of gear can be just as rewarding and fun.

Nikon D610 + 105mm 1.4E

Canon 5D + 35mm 1.4L

Fujifilm S5 Pro + 105mm 2.8 VR

I finally found a working download for the “ancient” Fuji Hyper Utility, the original RAW processing program for Fuji DSLRs.  It works on my Windows machine, but definitely is a throwback to the good ol days of 2007.  It is funny how the default rendering of these images really do recall times from 15 years back.  Luckily the latest version of RAW File Converter EX (Silkypix) can finally open the raws from these older Fuji DSLRs.

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