Lao New Year 2023 at Wat Buddharam – Murfreesboro, TN – Video

Lao New Year at Wat Buddharam – Murfreesboro, TN
Sunday May 28, 2023

( The photo slideshow begins at the 48:00 minute mark )

I took a day trip to Tennessee for the last and quite possibly the BIGGEST Lao New Year festival in the US! What an impressive showing of culture and fun from so many vibrant Lao communities.

I was only there for 7 hours on Sunday before driving back to Atlanta, but I still managed to shoot enough for this long cut. Next year I’ll be sure to stay longer!

It was great running into friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Thanks so much to everyone for posing during my photo walk+talk! If anyone’s curious I shot this with my phone in the left hand and 3 cameras around me, with a 24mm, 35mm, and 85mm primes.


Also, while editing all this I thought about one of the best “King of the Hill” episodes (which features a Lao family) titled “Won’t you Piimai neighbor?” Great stuff, I’m sure the clip is floating around somewhere.

A few of my photos, please view the video for the rest!

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