Nikon D700 + 105mm 1.4E

Nikon D700 + 105mm 1.4E | The green up color cast is from the grass and vegetation below

All this time I totally forgot about trying the 105mm 1.4E on the classic D700.  This lens usually stays forever mounted on my other main body.  Always wide open at f/1.4 because well, that’s where this lens shines annnd because the D610 sensor is so dusty every speck shows up at smaller apertures.

The D700 (and its sensor) is legendary and rightfully so.  Seeing the out of camera files even on Neutral picture setting makes you realize the designers at the time really did a bang up job.  Images look like proper photos, and after many generations of newer cameras they still haven’t made imaging engines that output ready to use photos like the D700.  I’d also put the original 5D in this category, along with the D50 and other early CCD sensor DSLRs (but the D700 is CMOS).  The raw files are crisp and can be taken in any color grade direction you’d want.  I wonder if we’ll ever get to a point in the future where custom bespoke mirrorless cameras could have a simple sensor like this.  Nikon definitely got it right when they over engineered the D700/D3 combo.  Speaking of which I did order a D3 last week, but sadly it crapped out literally after the 3rd frame.

[Updated with Fall photos!  Think I’ll make this a rolling post with random images shot with this combo.]

Crocs?! 🙂  Special thanks to Mary for always being a great model over the years. Best of luck on your future college adventures!


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