Slider Practice Video

Tech Notes: Thanks to Van and Anister for helping, and of course Vy for playing. :0)  These are some random video clips of me practicing with the DIY slider.  I’m going to stop using the word “tests” for certain gear related things, because these are basically the times when I practice with my various tools.  A camera should be as familiar as an instrument.  Anyways, the clips are all from different cameras.  The slider footage came from a Nikon 1 and C Mount lens, and the kit lens so I could see how it reacts in terms of continuous autofocus.  Steadicam Merlin on the 5D, and handheld D90 focus racking, which is still so difficult, but produces such pretty images, even in the messups.  Didn’t have an ND filter with me, but it didn’t matter as the frame rates are all a jumbled mess.

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