D600 and Steadicam Merlin

It took me a few days, but I managed to balance the D600 and 17-55mm combo on another Steadicam Merlin (borrowed from a friend to be used as a test mule).  Anyone who has tried to setup one of these things with any camera will tell you it’s a lesson in trial and error and […]

Steadicam Merlin Reel

Random Steadicam shots over the years from various gigs and projects. I know some of them are rough, but these are one take shots in the field. The Steadicam Merlin and 5D mk II and 24-105mm combo is a heavy unwieldy one, and plus I always carry some side arm cameras for stills, further adding to my aching bones. 🙂

Slider Practice Video

Tech Notes: Thanks to Van and Anister for helping, and of course Vy for playing. :0)  These are some random video clips of me practicing with the DIY slider.  I’m going to stop using the word “tests” for certain gear related things, because these are basically the times when I practice with my various tools. […]