Nikon 1 and DIY Slider

So here’s the latest addition to the toolbox, a “DIY” slider for video.  By “DIY” I mean, I craft some crude drawings, send it off to Team Swift and magically I get new tools to work with.  🙂 This 6 foot long aluminum system barely fits in my car, but worth it for the shots one can get.  Since I’m not a video person by any means, this is also an attempt to make up for all the awful shaky hand held footage over the years.  Building a slider to work in tandem with the Nikon 1 made sense to me.  It is really light, shoots some of the best video out there, and even with the kit lens, the continuous autofocus is a nice thing to have.  Currently thinking about possible designs for the “Slider Lite” version, one that is smaller and can pivot and tilt.  Sample movie clip in the next post.

Nikon J1, C Mount Lens and Shop Made Slider literally “in the field.”


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