Atlanta Hanfu Festival Photos – NYE 2023

What an amazing display of culture and talent!  Thanks for having me! Here are my favorite photos (and some dreamy slow shutter videos) from a lovely evening at the theatre.  Feel free to use the images however you want (Merry Christmas) 🙂  Anyone that would like to shoot in the spring let me know! There […]

Summerour Atlanta Wedding – G&C – 12.03.2023

For this wedding I made a personal recap book, an 8×6″ Flush Mount with matte velvet paper.  I think it looks pretty nice!  The paper is a bit more expensive than the normal lustre paper, but the fact that it doesn’t show any reflections and can be viewed/photographed from any direction is great.  The vertical […]

Old Steadicam Merlin Clips Revisited – GIFs

I watched the movie “1917” the other day, and it sure was impressive.  The long one takes reminded me of the stuff I tried (horribly) to do back in the early 2010’s.  Hard to believe that was 10 years ago.  At the time, there were no small electronic gimbals that could stabilize a phone.  No, […]

Used Nikon D100 for $18!

Hi everyone! I bought one of the cameras I dreamed about way back in the day…for only $18!! These days folks make fun of you for having even a 3 year old phone, so it was a nice challenge to use a digital camera from 2002! Here are some of the pictures I got with […]

“Old” Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera still a good tool in 2018?

Yes, I think so!  The first BMPCC is a camera I use for BTS shots due to the no record limit and ease of grading the Pro Res.  The new Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K was announced on 4-9-2018 with an anticipated ship date of this September (let’s hope!) but I still like the […]

Atlanta in the Spring

Notes: Atlanta History Center, Swan House, Oakland Cemetery, Little Five Points Bonus: Fake Korean Video 😉  

VACGA New Year 2014

Vietnamese American Community of Georgia New Year and 20th Anniversary Celebration | Miss Vietnamese Georgia | Wild Bill’s, Duluth, GA | February 2, 2014

Usman Riaz @ Coca Cola HQ

Part of a Diwali celebration at the Coca-Cola HQ in Atlanta. Had the pleasure of meeting such a talent.

Mic Check

So the latest rig I assembled is a D600 mounted to a JuicedLink pre amp, providing phantom power to a Shure SM58A Beta, which in turn feeds a very clean audio signal back to the camera.

Hear the Noise that Moves so Soft and Low

In cinema, the protagonist (or villain) usually watches movies on old film projectors, with only the flickering of the machine as the soundtrack. Nothing that artsy for me, just watching my random video clips on the PS3 or phone. With cinegraphs joining animated gifs in the looping visual eye candy, it’s not so bad losing the audio in most of my video files. It’s not like on camera audio is any good anyway…

NAAAP Impact

 Performance by Joy Tolentino and Oscar Mendez.

Slider Practice Video

Tech Notes: Thanks to Van and Anister for helping, and of course Vy for playing. :0)  These are some random video clips of me practicing with the DIY slider.  I’m going to stop using the word “tests” for certain gear related things, because these are basically the times when I practice with my various tools. […]

TEA Walk 2011

7th Annual Together Empowering Asian Americans Walk, Organized by CPACS and featuring the diverse community in Metro Atlanta.