Notes:  TFP? How about RFP? Rice for Photos…as in trading time and talent for fun and food…I know this post is somewhat unrelated to the pictures, but it’s still the same old story–how does one make a living off of art?  Honestly, I don’t think you can.  About the best we can do is make sure the day isn’t wasted, and see what’s out there for fun, and for cheap.  Lots of days I think I’m the visual equivalent of a garage band in high school, going broke buying guitars and effects pedals in hopes of cutting a record.  I would post a big blurb or ad about “Booking your Photo Session,” or “Capturing those Precious Moments on Your Special Day!,” or that other nonsense and junk, but I don’t think I care anymore.  I don’t do paintings these days, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t think like a painter.  As the years go on, about the best one can hope for are fun times and a filling meal at the end of the night.


Tech Notes: The locations ranged from the ivy patch in my backyard to random spots across town. Sun sets too early this time of year and still really cold.  No strobist setups needed, just whatever light is available from the streets.

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