Tucker Cruise In + Pho + Arabia Mountain at Sunset – 2022-08-13

There was a lot going on in Metro Atlanta as usual, but here’s what we ended up doing: the monthly car show in Tucker, Pho Restaurant for lunch, and Arabia Mountain in the evening.¬† It was a fun full day for sure. Gear Used: Sony A7 and Canon 85mm 1.2 with Sigma adapter, Canon EOS […]

Location Scouting: Downtown Lawrenceville

I was watching Doom Patrol on streaming the other day and noticed that the first episode really features downtown Lawrenceville in broad daylight! Which is easy to notice since, well, I live in Gwinnett and come here all the time! ūüôā¬† Here are some photos from an early morning walk around the square with 3 […]

Sigma Infrared Location Scouting around Atlanta Pt. 1

Hello everyone! So last week I decided I was only going to shoot my infrared Sigma DSLRs. Normally I have all sorts of cameras to produce colorful work, but I thought it would be a good choice to go all IR in hopes of getting a specific vibe. The spooky illustrative kind of mood that […]

Location Scouting: Water Museum

Notes: Used the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center on many occasions, but always good to revisit with a different angle.¬† One of my goals is to record places for future reference, either for model shoots, or spots that might have cinematic or storytelling appeal.¬† Plus it gives me a chance to do purely composition based […]

Momocon 2011

Momocon in Infrared Notes: Photos from this year’s MomoCon.¬† Only went on Saturday, but it was fun.¬† Great weather and city atmosphere, but it was somewhat chaotic¬†and the long lines kept us from going anywhere.¬† So it was more like a really long extended lunch in high school where the kids are free to run […]

Dragon*Con in Infrared

Notes: Didn’t get to shoot much of the parade in IR due to me forgetting to charge the battery…but what I did get sure was creepy looking… ūüėą

Sakura + Kimono

Notes: Thanks to Rachel (and Vicki), Monica,¬†and Lan for posing on a cold day at Piedmont Park.¬† Cherry blossoms don’t last long, maybe 3 to 4 days at most around here.¬† Again, my “shoots” are almost always organic in nature, mostly with a “let’s see what’s around the corner type of mentality” combined with trying […]


Notes:¬† TFP? How about RFP? Rice for Photos…as in trading time and¬†talent for fun and food…I know this post is somewhat unrelated to the pictures, but it’s still the same old story–how does one make a living off of art?¬† Honestly, I don’t think you can.¬† About the best we can do is make sure […]

Road Trip: NW Georgia

Random Notes: …that was a relatively long drive…photos somewhat mimic the plot in a horror movie, pass by the quaint small town, come across the looming power plant and fade into the¬†infrared¬†shots at a covered bridge, a la Tales from the Darkside.¬† One of the images also suffers from file corruption (a fitting¬†transition into the […]

New Orleans: IR and Black and White

    Technical Notes: Got a hang somewhat of processing the SD14 RAW files for false color¬†infrared¬†photos.¬† All these random images are just from my photo walks or bike rides through New Orleans with the Sigma sans IR filter, which is turning out to be a heck of a little “ghost cam.”¬† Again, the quirks […]