The slight changes to the site are to better accommodate the iPad (and most of my gadgets) as a presentation device for my artwork and photo portfolio.  The always free and awesome WordPress and various plugins will have to do until I figure out some code for swipe based navigation.  Apple’s lack of Flash support is one of those never-ever situations, so this is an easy workaround.  If you have one, give the top links a click.  I still find it amazing how the iPad’s screen seems to make any graphics and photographs look better.

It’s always been difficult to boil down work that either summarizes your skills, talents, or life into digestable pieces to present to someone that already has an upper hand on you.  Back in the day we barely had the courage to show our Bienfang sketchbooks to the visiting artist coming to sign stuff at the local comic book shop.

I’m sure tablets are required material in every art and design school now.  But the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Professors and employers, no matter what they are looking at–color slides for grad school admission, mando offset paper for comic book panels, or 1024×768 pixels of digitized images, they all still have that power to reject or destroy, to make you wonder why you even got out of bed and put on the same suit that is only good for an interview, court appearance, or funeral.

So in this new year, off I go with sketchbook in hand to beg for a “real” job until things hopefully get back to normal.

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