iPad 2 Camera and Snapseed

The built in camera of the iPad 2 is more of a novelty, but it works, which is more than what you can say about the myriad of cameras I frequently see in the antique stores.

18 x 24: iPad as a Digital Portfolio

Thoughts on custom tailoring my various tablets for presenting work, and finally putting a stop to traditional printed portfolio binders. On a DIY aluminum stand.


Editing photos on the couch with Nik Software’s iPad/iPhone app Snapseed and Dropbox.


The slight changes to the site are to better accommodate the iPad (and most of my gadgets) as a presentation device for my artwork and photo portfolio.  The always free and awesome WordPress and various plugins will have to do until I figure out some code for swipe based navigation.  Apple’s lack of Flash support is one of […]

Figure Drawing – 11-10-10 – Atlanta Artists Center

Notes: Charcoal on Canson Ingres. 40min.  I’m rusty, haven’t drawn from life in a while.  Most of my figure drawings I still do while sitting on the floor and peering up at the model on an elevated stand.  This can create some difficult angles to render, but the advantage is that you can be mobile, while everyone […]

Art in Progress: Victoria

Notes: Messing around with Sketchbook Pro on the iPad…perhaps this will get me back into the groove…