Quarantine Design Project: “Fake” Wedding Magazine!

I hope everyone is doing okay during the pandemic and quarantine.  I renewed the domain name and hosting for my website the other day, and realized I’ve had it for 17 years now.  Crazy.  In all that time never thought the world would be under these unique circumstances.

Anyways, I’ve been giving myself different creative projects to keep busy, and this week it’s “Fake” Magazines!  Here’s a sample wedding magazine featuring all my photos.  The cover image is from a styled shoot (as in not a real wedding day) from 2013(!), but the inside one is from a real wedding I shot just last year in 2019.  So crazy how things can change in a year.  I’m having fun looking at the old work that, in a different era, could have been print worthy–and it’s definitely a challenge finding just one that’s for sure.

Anyways, thanks for looking and reading for all these years.  In all honesty the above graphic is a resume, much like how this entire website and life’s passion has always been a rolling resume.  Any leads out there would be greatly appreciated.  And also best of luck to everyone having to deal with the big reset button as well.

April, 2020

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