Nikon J1 Color

I’ve been shooting with the little Nikon 1 J1 since Halloween and it definitely has the vibrant Nikon color.  It’s a good lightweight simplistic camera to supplement the various bigger Nikons and Canons that I use.

These photos were taken in a Thai restaurant in downtown Athens.  We buy cameras to use, not review.  So what if this camera doesn’t have P, S, A, or M on the mode dial, the light was really nice and there’s just something about viewing what an image will look like on the back of the camera’s LCD.  Even when I’m going out to eat, I tend to notice how light is spilling into a place.  I even do a mental guess to see if the restaurant person will take us to a spot that would be good for photos.

Late Fall light is some of the best of the year.  It doesn’t last long in the afternoon, but that’s what makes it so valuable.  It’s funny, in the Summer, with light going all the way ’til 9pm, we tend to shoot more with strobes, in keeping with current trends and battling back the harsh sunlight.  These days, even I get tired of setting up the speedlights.  Taking photos with natural and existing light will never go out of style.

To the left of us is a white 6 or 7 story building in Athens and when the sunlight hits it, it makes for a huge reflector/bounce panel/soft box.  I remember the pizza joint one store down also had some stunning light in the late afternoon.

Massaman Curry: ★★★★☆

The blue paint of the Georgia Theater wall just looked nice in that light.  There are places and corners with all sorts of colors and passages of light that an aspiring Sartorialist could use if the strangers were willing.

I accidentally left the White Balance on Flourescent from last night, but I like this image with its “incorrect” color balance. Kind of fits the late fall season.

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