MomoCon 2014

Toys for Momocon picture taking: Nikon F100 and Tri-X, Polaroid 600 SE and Fujifilm, IR Sigma SD14, Pocket Cinema Camera, and Fuji X100

MomoCon Atlanta | May 23-25, 2014

The photo above shows the “alternative” gear that I brought on an adventure to MomoCon.  (If you have never been, you’re missing out on the joy in people watching/gawking and the inspiration that comes from seeing kids creatively expressing themselves .  I’m sure most people in business suits can’t see the coolness in all the nerdery, but last time I checked, the highest grossing movies were still based on comics, fantasy, and animation. Not to mention the size of the video game industry alone.)  I of course brought too much gear and ended up only using the infrared Sigma and the Pocket Cinema Camera for fun.  And Saturday was just a DSLR + Steadicam Merlin combo.  Yep, a bit different this year than your average stills shooter.

Us as “Japanese tourists,” with a hint of Jimmy Olsen and the Doctor too I guess! 😉

So the main oddball camera I used this year was an Infra Red Sigma, a camera unlike any other DSLR out there due to the unique Foveon sensor.  I’ll keep the technical details short, but I’ve shot with this camera long enough to know that it just renders reality much like a comic book drawing.  Due to the sharpness of the non Bayer sensor and the lens, and the black and white conversion from IR that produces some great contrasty images.  Easy or reliable to use–of course not, but the results are worth it.

Welcome to Atlanta! 🙂

These next few shots by Thomas C, as I was lugging the heavy Steadicam Merlin combo.

More images to come!

Bonus Footage:  Haven’t gotten to the rest of the videos yet, but here’s an example of some fly around shots with the Steadicam Merlin.

Feel free to share with friends with the links below!  Thanks to each and every Cosplayer who posed for photos.  The time, talent and dedication needed to do this type of work is definitely impressive.  Taking a still photo is really brainless compared to this artform, so thanks again to everyone.  Those that want to schedule a fun collaborative shoot in the future, just let me know!

meHi! My name is Boon.  I’m an Atlanta based Artist.  I draw.  I take pictures.  I write.

I’ve been covering events and documenting random things here in Georgia since 2004!

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