Momocon 2013 Photos III

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Notes: Sunday’s Photos!  Thanks to all the nice people we met, talked to, and photographed!  I got a chance to use one of my more bizarre cameras, the Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 100 and SB800 combo.  Luckily some roving time travelers were available to be photographed!  (Although my Spectra and ProPack both failed)  I’m glad I didn’t bother shooting anything digital with off camera speedlights and just used available lighting.  In my opinion off camera strobist work should be used if there isn’t any lighting possible, the camera/lens combo really needs it, or if there are incredible backdrops like sunsets, etc.  They really don’t shoot any strobes in Japan for cosplay photos, seems to only be an American thing.  All these photos edited on my phone and comfort of my couch!




I also took some photos with a 50 year old Polaroid camera, with modern Fuji instant film, and a Nikon SB800.  Here are the recovered negatives on our DIY LED light panel.


Friday’s Photos  |  Saturday’s Photos  |  Sunday’s Photos

All photos by Boon Vong.  Feel free to download and share!

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