Dia De Muertos Oakland Cemetery

Dia De Muertos
Oakland Cemetery | Atlanta, GA | November 6, 2022

The Day of the Dead festival was presented by Historic Oakland Foundation, Consulate General of Mexico in Atlanta, the Institute of Mexican Culture, Atlanta History Center, and the Office of the Government of Guanajuato in Georgia


Main Stage:

Oaxacan Folk Dancers “Euzkal”
Catrinas & Catrines Costume Contest
Members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Mariachi Pepe Lopez
Ballet Alma Mexicana
Daniel Aguilera
Ballet Tonalli
and more!

Photos by Boon Vong | boon@b-vong.com | @boonvongphotos

I’ve been covering events in Atlanta for a long time, for work and for fun! (Yes I’m the guy that was using 4 cameras that day!) 🙂 Feel free to use these images however you want, photo credit greatly appreciated. Let me know if anyone needs any future portrait sessions or professional event coverage! 🍂🍁

It was a crazy hot fall day, but really fun with amazing lighting coming through the trees and clouds.  Thanks for scrolling this far!  Follow me now to some bonus photos from my two nontraditional cameras, the Sigma SD14 IR and SD15! (I also shot some 35mm film on this day too, so that makes 5, yes 5, total cameras that I brought to the festival today.  Why so many cameras people ask…why not! 🙂

Dia De Muertos Oakland Cemetery – Set 2 – Sigma Infrared and Color Photos


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