Dia De Muertos Oakland Cemetery – Set 2 – Sigma Infrared and Color Photos

So here are my “bonus” photos, a few shots with my Sigma SD14 and SD15.  The SD14 was in infrared mode and the SD15 was normal color with a really cheap 70-300mm.  It was definitely a challenge shooting these slow cameras/lenses alongside the normal easy Canon setup I had on Sunday.  Again, I like ALL cameras, some are just better than others for certain things, but they all have special qualities.

Sigma SD14 IR

Sigma SD15

And here are my other photos from my main kit on Sunday:

Dia De Muertos Oakland Cemetery

Photos by Boon Vong | boon@b-vong.com | @boonvongphotos

I’ve been covering events in Atlanta for a long time, for work and for fun! (Yes I’m the guy that was using 4 cameras that day!) 🙂 Feel free to use these images however you want, photo credit greatly appreciated. Let me know if anyone needs any future portrait sessions or professional event coverage! 🍂🍁

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