Festival del Dia De Los Muertos – Lawrenceville – 2022-10-29

Festival del Dia De Los Muertos

Lawrenceville Arts Center  |  Aurora Theatre  |  Lawrenceville, GA  |  October 29, 2022



Mariachi Jaliciense
Danza Azteca Acitlalmitchli
Alma Mexicana Danza Folklorica
Nathalia Music
and more!

Thanks to Lawrenceville for having this neat Dia de los Muertos festival! So glad we didn’t have to drive far since it was right down the road! Here are my photos from a short stay.  Weather was a bit cool and cloudy but the leaves sure peaked this weekend.  It was nice seeing the Alma Dance group again, everyone did great.  Thanks to all who posed for photos, feel free to use or repost however you want! @boonvongphotos

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