Bring Me to Life

Model: Krista Pix: Me! Location: Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA

Notes: Just some pictures from a simple walk through the garden.  The garden of course being historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta!  Lots of photographers and tourists flock here daily for interesting corners and textures, but this time of year, it really shines in the Autumn colors.  These pictures are a bit different as I rolled with my normal gear, and dusted off the Infrared Sigma DSLR with the unique Foveon sensor.  Seeing the photos side by side, it’s like an inversion of reality.  Same model, same photographer, same time and place.  The possibilities of making images is almost unlimited, I guess that’s the challenge that so many folks enjoy in this hobby of picture taking.   The normal color photos are easy and fun as usual, but the false color/black and white IR images from the Sigma are still worth the effort of post processing.  On a somewhat related note, after re-watching one of my favorite movies “The Prestige” I realized that some techniques should perhaps be kept “secret.”  However, if there is a formula I can share (as opposed to gear choices or post production), most of these outings is really based on simplicity, just enjoy a day with good people.  Happy Halloween everyone!

meHi! My name is Boon.  I’m an Atlanta based Artist.  I draw.  I take pictures.  I write.

I use every camera/lens that I can get my hands on! 🙂

All Artwork and Photos © Boon Vong. For image usage feel free to Contact Me.

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