Atlanta Hanfu Festival Photos – NYE 2023

What an amazing display of culture and talent!  Thanks for having me! Here are my favorite photos (and some dreamy slow shutter videos) from a lovely evening at the theatre.  Feel free to use the images however you want (Merry Christmas) 🙂  Anyone that would like to shoot in the spring let me know! There are a few bamboo groves and peach trees that would fit quite perfectly with the Chinese Hanfu aesthetic!

Atlanta Hanfu Festival
12.31.2023 | Lawrenceville Arts Center


Magic Eastern Ensemble • Glamour Star Models

Yingliu Zhu • Luna Han • Sissy Huang

Thanks for scrolling this far!  I wasn’t in hardly any photos myself as usual, but here’s a few from the 360 camera. (I know this post is just bloated with media and is a bandwidth hog, but hey new year, new ideas)


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