Anamorphic Pocket Cinema Camera

Pocket Cinema Camera + ISCO 2X Anamorphic + Nikon 85mm 1.4 taking lens // Graded and Desqueezed in DaVinci Resolve

Hi there everyone!  Wiping the dust off my BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, which I reviewed back in 2014.  I’ve used it occasionally over the years but decided to test it since I’ve been on an anamorphic photography streak lately.  First thoughts is that it’s pretty much impossible to use the double focus ISCO 2x for creative focus pulls, and the squeezing on the native 16×9 sensor results in video that is quite wider than the normal Cinemascope 2.39:1 that is used for feature films.  Still pretty cool though, I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with many different cameras and gear combinations.  The sensor combined with DaVinci Resolve is still capable of producing some colorful photographic images.

Please check out the next post that has my still photography with an anamorphic lens.

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