The best way to learn, is to teach.  Thanks for listening to my ramblings on photography! Notes: Great job everyone!!  It’s never the camera, it’s always the person behind it.  I also learned a lot, and nice to be around people with an awareness of the issues in our community.  Any workshop out there can teach […]

Behind the Scenes

Thanks for letting me be a part of your weekend!! Credits: Hair: Brandan, MUA: Star, Model: Kenya, Model: Vitelle, Model: Eva, Photography: Misa, Support: Me. 🙂

Atlanta Photo Meetup: 57th Fighter’s Group II

Fun meetup at the 57th Fighter’s Group, a restaurant/bunker with lots of army and airplane props, and the Dekalb county airport in the background.  Here are the shots I got out of the craziness.  Thanks to Eric and the Atlanta Photo/Model meetup group for organizing, and thanks to Nhi, Brittany, and Breanna for coming out.  3 different cameras […]


Notes:  TFP? How about RFP? Rice for Photos…as in trading time and talent for fun and food…I know this post is somewhat unrelated to the pictures, but it’s still the same old story–how does one make a living off of art?  Honestly, I don’t think you can.  About the best we can do is make sure […]


Notes: Trying out Bibble instead of my usual Capture NX workflow.  All these applications have a different way of processing colors and the look of the raw files from cameras. They can also mimic certain film, and perhaps the feelings associated with them.  Can’t give special attention to every single photo that I take, but for some, it’s fun […]

Cars and Cameras

Cameras are similar to cars in that they are technical gizmos that most guys can figure out and judge because of their stats: price, power to weight ratio, speed, etc. But for real uses of the tools, one discovers that it is still more about the driver than it is about the tool itself. Like most […]


Random notes:  …I’m no Henri Cartier-Bresson, but with my portrait photography I always try my best to capture the peak moment of the expression.  Maybe it’s the same reflexes I devoted all those years to videogames, or maybe it’s because I simply care about the person and the image I’m making for them.  You aren’t […]

A Mess of Things…

…Season 5 Finale…well, this one ends sooner than I’d thought…thanks to everyone who have followed along over the years.  This time I truly feel that it’s time to hang things up…try and forget about this “theme” and begin a new one, or perhaps just do nothing at all.  I’m an artist that never really kept up a […]

Yonah Mountain

Notes: This year the Fall season snuck up on me again.  This past weekend was probably peak time for us, but the rain this week (and most of this past year…) knocked off most of the colorful leaves.  Still scenic and calming though as I made the drive to the usual spots.  Minnehaha Falls was picturesque but I doubt any “model” is […]

Photos: Oakland Cemetery in IR

Notes: Thanks to the Atlanta Model/Photo Meetup group, and of course Oakland Cemetery for allowing us to disturb this hallowed ground.  Apologies to the phantoms and spirits roaming around with all the clicking and stomping.  Infrared photos of Atlanta’s most famous cemetery, with a Sigma SD14 and 10-20mm.  For every 5 shots that other cameras get […]

Photos: E&R Marietta Wedding

Random Notes: Helped out a friend at a wedding.  Being a second option on a shoot actually allows one to be more free form and experimental since the pressures of delivering the exact shots are much less.  I took the opportunity to bring some “odd” gear as well, the infrared Sigma SD14, in addition to […]

New Orleans: IR and Black and White

    Technical Notes: Got a hang somewhat of processing the SD14 RAW files for false color infrared photos.  All these random images are just from my photo walks or bike rides through New Orleans with the Sigma sans IR filter, which is turning out to be a heck of a little “ghost cam.”  Again, the quirks […]

Photos: Canon 10D Test Images

What’s that saying? People know the price of everything but the value of nothing?  These images are from a Canon 10D, given to me by a good friend (Thanks JK!). It’s an older camera that doesn’t go for much on the used market, but I’ll graciously add it to the fleet.  In the off and boring […]

Kodak Black and White Memories

    With the recent demise of filmstock such as Polaroid instant film and now Kodak Kodachrome, I’ve been thinking about shooting more film.  When I think back to random events in my life, I’m always glad that I carried a film camera around with Kodak black and white film, even when it wasn’t practical, […]

Photos: Random 85mm 1.4 Tests

Technical Notes: Random tests of the Nikon 85mm f/1.4, first impressions are:  it’s not as versatile as the 105mm 2.8 VR Micro for portraits, definitely not as sharp wide open, and the minimum focus distance is limiting, but the bokeh is quite “painterly.”  DOF is so shallow at 1.4 that you can definitely “buzz” a person […]

Season 3 Finale

…Season 3 Finale… A big thank you to anyone who has enjoyed my artwork and photos over the years, and of course those who have met me in “real life” and have a slightly better idea of the person that at first glance, “just draws and takes photos of girls…”  As you are reading this, […]