Snapseed for Mac

Notes: Snapseed is now available in the Mac App store.  A bit more expensive than the iPad app, but then again, most people don’t realize how expensive plugins cost for the various photo editing programs.  Very limited options in the desktop/notebook version, and the jpeg compression is set for small file sizes, but it does […]

Kodak DC 210 vs Nikon vs Canon vs — Does it even matter anymore?

The first digital cameras I used were the school’s Sony Mavicas that stored images on floppy discs and the Apple Quicktakes.  It wasn’t until the affordable Kodaks came out that I finally got one of my own. My dad bought me that Kodak DC 210.  It was on discount for about $400+.  I was in […]

Polaroid Spectra

I’ve had this Polaroid Spectra sitting on the shelf for a while. It also came with a pack of expired film.

18 x 24: iPad as a Digital Portfolio

Thoughts on custom tailoring my various tablets for presenting work, and finally putting a stop to traditional printed portfolio binders. On a DIY aluminum stand.

Nikon 1 (Pre-Review)

First thoughts and pictures from the new Nikon mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, the J1.


Editing photos on the couch with Nik Software’s iPad/iPhone app Snapseed and Dropbox.

Fujifilm X100

After acquiring new gear, I like to take my own “product shots.” This is the latest addition to the fleet, the Fujifilm X100. Even I get tired of all the clackety clacking that my various cameras make. It’s refreshing to use a large sensor camera with a good lens, and whisper quiet shutter.

Nikon F100

Notes: Latest addition to the fleet (although about 10 years late to the party!), the Nikon F100.  Will shoot black and white film for the upcoming gigs this month.


Notes: Found this Ampex Vidicon 25mm f/1.4 on another treasure hunt.  The other 25mm I have focuses, but you can’t change the aperture.  This one, you can change the aperture, but the focusing seems to have been set to infinity by the factory.  A workaround is to “focus” by not threading it all the way […]

In Stereo

Notes:  I’m done with regular old still photos and moved on to the next level ;).  Playing around with the Loreo 3D Lens in a cap which is a stereoscopic image creator.  Combined with the Pokescope, it sure does look neat, with a convincing 3D effect.  This old world technology combined with the digital photography […]

Team Square / Triangle

A post about using Alternative / Vintage / Orphaned lenses on the Micro 4/3 system via adapters. Featured: Canon TV Lens, Canon FL Mount, and C Mount Lens.


Notes: Another little friend added to the mix…the Digital Harinezumi 2!  I believe the name is Japanese for “Hedgehog,” and its movies really mimic 8mm film.  One of these days I’m going to have a photo shoot and limit myself to just one camera via “Random Select.” 🙂

Old Gear

Notes: So here are the results from the various gear I’ve found on my treasure hunts.  The first ones are from a 55mm f/1.4 Auto Sears (M42 Pentax Screwmount).  It’s a re-badged Japanese lens and it has a nice dreamy quality.  The flaring is different from the vintage Nikons and good in its own way.  […]

New Recruits

Notes: New weapons unlocked in the Team Neekon arsenal! 🙂  From what I’ve read the Nikon L35 AF pictured above has a solid 35mm f/2.8 lens, attached to a Giugiaro designed body.   Back in the halcyon days of 1983, there’s no way our family could have afforded a point and shoot like this.  On the total opposite end of the spectrum […]


Digging, it refers to DJ’s and Turntablists going through crates of records, looking for samples and other inspiration to create their music / artform. I guess that’s why I’ve been on my vintage theme. When people want to get into photography, they always ask me what camera to get.  It’s a bit more complicated than that…  […]

New Toys

Notes: Found these gems while browsing antique stores.  Granted, none of them work, but they sure look cool as props/accessories/camera bling. 🙂


Notes:  Camera companies should realize that the megapixel race and feature creep isn’t what some of us really want for all devices.  We want the ability to mimic what was, and still are, some expensive captures of random moments in life.  And we also want it for free!  That’s where the Instagram application comes in.  The […]

Ring Light

Model: Frannie MUA / Hair: Nhi Lighting Assistance and Props: BRC and PT I draw, I take photos, I write about it.  Thanks to the team for all the help.  Thanks to BRC for letting me take his ABR800 ring light out for a test drive.  It definitely produces some blinding light.  Even shooting through its “portal” has […]


Notes: It snowed in the ATL on Christmas, so of course I had to step outside. Thanks to KT for putting up with the bitter cold just so I could shoot and then write about it. If you guys have been following for the last several posts I’ve pretty much been trying to give a […]

S&B Wedding

Tech Notes: The images above are samples of the photos I shot inbetween capturing DSLR video, which was a juggling of multiple cameras and the Steadicam Merlin setup, which you either have to hand hold all day or lay down on the floor somewhere.  Moving pictures is nice and all, but sometimes a still photo says much more. Behind the […]

Same as it ever was…

A Photo Essay about the change in the technology that we use to create and share, but not a change in how we view the things most important to us.


Notes:  Just some random gear talk.  Nowadays people enjoy talking about photography and photography related gear just as much as taking the pictures–or perhaps even more so…hopefully most of the shutter bugs out there drive their machines once in awhile. The iPhone 4 camera seems to have something like a ~35mm equivalent f/22 lens.  Which in visual […]

Summer Camp

H.A.G.S! (Have a Great Summer!) Thanks to LAS for again organizing the Kid’s mini summer camp.  Also thanks to Wat Lao Buddhakhanti for allowing us the space to teach and play.