Hey Kids!! Comics!!

Drawing comics back in high school were some really fun times.  I’d like to think it was a total collaborative effort.  By that I mean either inking over each others’ pencils, or just the excitement of seeing what each of us created in between homeroom and sixth period.  No one ever harshly criticized, for we were all at different skill levels, different backgrounds and aesthetics.  It was a creative bond for sure.  Most of us parted ways after high school.  Some got married, others ended up working in the factories and restaurants, but I think we all gave up on the silly dream as real life took over.

I pulled out of my dusty portfolio these old drawings from friends (all going back about 15 years), and put them alongside my own comic style drawings from a few years back.  CP’s visceral drawing style still amazes me to this day.  He’d crank out a drawing in mere minutes before class.  I think I became more of the methodical drawing person, inspired by moments in my own life combined with my interest in different graphic styles.

The last two drawings are also from a friend from way back in high school.  As you can tell, some of us were into action, some into romance, and others literally drew upon the angst and turmoil we all had growing up.

I hope you don’t mind Matt, but your message that came out of the blue actually inspired this entire post, and is helping me through yet another troubling spell.  My old awful drawings, I can’t bear to look at, but I’ll always remember the good times surrounding them.

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