Fall in Georgia I

Masaman and Avocado: ★★★★ Lad Na with Beef: ★★★ Papaya Salad and Vermicelli: ★★★★ Lao Sausage and Sticky Rice: ★★★

Dessert!: ♥♥♥♥♥

Notes: I hope everyone is taking advantage of what might be the best season, Fall.  It doesn’t last long here in Georgia, since as I write this, the colder temperatures and wind is tattering what is left of the colorful trees.  When I was younger in college I used to drive around after classes just to look at leaves and listen to music.  If only I’d taken more pictures back then, since times like this remind me that they don’t come around too often. 🙂

meHi! My name is Boon.  I’m an Atlanta based Artist.  I draw.  I take pictures.  I write.

All Artwork and Photos © Boon Vong. For image usage feel free to Contact Me.

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