3em Entertainment 2nd Anniversary Concert – February 25, 2012

3Em Entertainment 2nd Anniversary Show
The Grand Ballroom | Norcross, GA | February 25, 2012

Featuring: Diem Suong, Cao Thai Son, Nguyen Thang, Quynh Vi, Alex Tuan Huynh, Vi Thao and Jacky Tai Fashion

Notes: Thanks to 3Em Entertainment for putting on another great show.  Different venue with different challenges, but thanks to all the hard working volunteers for giving us in Atlanta something to do and look forward to.  Lots more pictures to come in a second posting, these are the ones I personally liked.


Thanks Thomas for holding down the fort ’til I got there.

…and I don’t even like drinking beer 🙂 Heehee…

I’ve been shooting with the Fujifilm Instax for a while now.  I really like the color of the film, and of course the instant nature of the film.  It is essentially a Polaroid and makes pretty cool for photos for about $1.00 an image.  Yes, what real ballers shoot with. 😉

And here are some photos from earlier in the week.

Thanks for the spicy Tofu Soup!

Pin or Share if anyone wants, please just credit me and 3em Entertainment.  More pix coming soon.

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