B&J Wedding: Valdosta Azalea City

Notes: Was helping out shooting video more than still images, but managed to squeeze in some photographs.  For these recent shoots I’ve been bringing a lot of gear.  Steadicam Merlin and Mola beauty dish setup and the random bags of cameras and lenses is heavy cumbersome stuff.  Some would say all you need is one camera, but even painters have rooms full of different junk and tools to paint a picture.  I was asked again the other day why I carry so many cameras.  From a creative standpoint you want to be able to use the tools that help you achieve your vision.  From a practical standpoint, there are carpenters with multiple drills just so they don’t have to change drill bits.

Except for Kodak Black and White film, I think I might stop shooting 35mm color film altogether.  Because the instant Fujifilm FP100c and the Instax Wide film is good enough for me.  The colors again, are really nice, and I’m glad there are others out there from every generation that appreciate the “why” of it all, as well as the look.

I think it goes beyond the muted colors and the not so sharp resolution.  Maybe people understand that it’s one shot, no retakes, a unique item in this sea of digital shared pictures.  Now granted, we are looking a digital photo of the film photo that I shot, but there’s just something equalizing about life filtered through crummy lenses and high speed film.  It could be a photo of a rich person or a poor person and the film does justice to both.

For “work” of course, one can’t beat digital cameras mated to portrait lenses like the 85mm 1.4.

Valdosta, also known as the Azalea City, is far south in Georgia, but it was pretty cold that morning.

I still like using the ProPack as well, since it is manual focus and the color of the FP100c has a slight bluish pastel tint.

Portraits with the 105mm Micro VR just seem tailor made for this age of photography, sharp and vibrant.

I looked above and noticed the “free” fisheye. 🙂

After I took a picture with the Fufifilm Instax, I told the little ones to count to 60 and the image would appear by then.  Sure enough, they counted in unison aloud.  There was natural light spilling in through the church window, helping out the film.

The church didn’t really have any grounds that I thought would have been nice for pictures so we strolled across the street to some random house. 🙂  Their azaleas were in bloom, and hey, anywhere works for photos.

I even tried out my latest combo, the Nikon J1 with a C Mount lens.  Finally, defocused backgrounds from that “little” sensor.

Congrats! …and Go Dawgs! 🙂

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