Nikon J1 Color

The little Nikon J1 has some really vibrant color. Combined with excellent metering, this camera shines in good natural light.


Last week of Fall colors here in Georgia. Smashing Pumpkins and Matthew Sweet is always on my soundtrack this time of year…

Location Scouting: Suwanee in the Autumn

Landscapes around town, with a Nikon J1 and Fuji X100.  Great lightweight cameras for walking around, and any imaging device can get pretty pictures if the light is right.  All these photos taken early in the morning and brisk, about 36 degrees.  The little J1’s high image quality doesn’t surprise me at all.  Too many […]


Model: Phuong

MUA / Stylist: Nhi

Location Scouting: Railway Museum

Indian Food: Vegetables and Tamarind Sauce, Nan, and Curry: ★★★★☆ Notes: Second trip to the Southeastern Railway Museum.  They love photographers or visitors in general so highly recommended for anyone interested in colors, urban decay, and a trip through time.  Why modern day life isn’t as colorful I don’t know.  Great place for both Lookbook […]


Notes: Pix from a day trip to my usual waterfall spots in N.E. Georgia–my old stomping grounds. Intermixed with the trailers and  chicken coops are some really great spots, seemingly more so than here in Suburbia, ATL.  Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 on the Canon, a combo I’ve been shooting with for the last few adventures.  Still […]

Photos: L&J Khmer Wedding

Notes: Just some of the lovely outfits from this past weekend’s wedding.  Hard to pick my favorite, they all worked well because of the analogous colors.


Notes: Fridays seem to be good for color.  Not too much gear for this one, the 24-105mm f/4 (which is not a bad lens when given enough light) and the Auto Sears 55mm f/1.4.  That and some walking around and exploring to get to the spots.  Actually shot a good amount of video on this […]

Màu Hồng

Notes:  There’s this tree on the side of the road I frequently drive on, and it sure is pretty every single spring.  Lots of gear for this spur of the moment shoot (for me at least), Nikon+Canon, Sigma IR, and different techniques as well, Nikon wireless CLS, radio triggered strobe, and the heat reflector you […]


Notes: Trying out Bibble instead of my usual Capture NX workflow.  All these applications have a different way of processing colors and the look of the raw files from cameras. They can also mimic certain film, and perhaps the feelings associated with them.  Can’t give special attention to every single photo that I take, but for some, it’s fun […]