Technical Notes: Stylist and MUA: Nhi, Trying out a couple of different ideas all at once for this shoot.  Obviously the goal is to have fun, and supply flattering images for people, but learning the strengths of weaknesses of different gear is always a tertiary goal.  Natural light low ISO is in the wheelhouse of the 5D2, but for strobist shots the Nikon’s are still my preferred choice.  Tried simple frontal flash with the Canon and a 580EX, to hopefully give me a file that can be pushed to a high contrast fashion look.  Bounce flash does some odd things for me, with high amounts of shadow noise in dark areas like hair.  Something not too many “reviewers” write about, but hey, no camera is the holy grail.  One thing not camera related, but light related are some new 100 watt compact flourescent bulbs, that when warmed up, output a good amount of light.  Next project is to make a tree of lights with these $5 bulbs for some really affordable DIY lighting solutions.




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