Photos: D3

Here are some photos of my new friend, the D3.  No, not the Nikon (I wish…), but a foldable bicycle, the Dahon Curve D3. 🙂 Best thing about this bike is that it folds into something that can fit in my trunk.  And I’ve gotten compliments from random strangers as well as lil’ chillren that want to take it for a spin.  As far as bikes go, the little tyres actually ride comfortably, but their dimunitive size makes going downhill kinda scary.  Turning radius and the lines you have to take are much different than with a bike with bigger “dubs.”

Technical Notes: Off camera SB800’s on the pavement or in the grass. Hi speed flash sync and wide open at 2.8.  The parking lot pictures weren’t planned, we were just waiting to get a table at Thai Norcross (in my top 5 Thai Restaurants in the ATL btw).


The above photo shows the D3’s size compared to a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, which costs more than most people’s homes. 😯

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
Cost: $200,000+
Engine: 5.0L V10 520HP
Brings to Mind: What Recession?

Dahon Curve D3
Cost: Much less than the Lambo fo sho!
Engine: Rice Powered Asian Guy
Brings to Mind: Kawaii (Cute!)

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