Suwanee Classic Car Show – November 7, 2021

This past sunday was the annual classic car show in Suwanee Town center ( It’s been a great start to fall thus far with the brisk mornings, fall colors, and of course the Atlanta Braves! I’ll try to post more going forward since I’ve been shooting with almost all the random gear in my fleet.  Time has turned a lot of my digital cameras in vintage models much like the cars at the show, but they are all still capable of producing great files in the right light and setting.  For today’s quick outing I shot with: a Nikon J1 (10 year review coming up next), my main combo of a Nikon D610 and 105mm 1.4E, and the bonus camera was the ancient Sigma SD10.  Those photos will be at the end of this post.  I would have to say that the Sigma SD10 and true Foveon sensor might have the best colors out of all my cameras.  On default settings it produces quite usable images right out of camera.  In certain lighting it really looks like film.

The following images are from the Sigma SD10, an “ancient” 3MP camera from late 2003. These are all manually focused since the 50mm 2.8 macro lens I have doesn’t work in AF. If you’ve been following my site for a while you know I’m a big fan of the unique Foveon sensor for non serious work, architecture, and artistic outings.  Every one of these digital cameras has some unique strength or ability that can be used for creative purposes.

Sigma SD10, this really looks like a film scan of Kodak stock. Especially with the sharpness turned all the way down.

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