Petit Le Mans Kickoff: Suwanee, GA – 11-09-2021

Road Atlanta had their Petit Le Mans Kickoff right in our backyard of Suwanee, so I headed there with my random gear.  It was good to try out the possible kit that I’m still deciding on for this weekend’s race.  I shot my normal Nikon 35/105mm combo, but also wanted to try out the Isco Anamorphic and 105mm combo.  I’ve shot cars with this before, and it does have an interesting “cinematic” way of rendering, not just from the distorted aspect ratio. (I placed the normal 105 and anamorphic shots next to each other so you can see they both have their uses)

Thanks to Road Atlanta for bringing out these supercars to the park where I’ve hung out and played frisbee for, oh 17 years now.  Gwinnett and metro Atlanta really does have it all, yes including the traffic.  Anyways, here are the photos I managed before heading off to dinner.  The time switch really is a bother, only giving about 2 hours in the late afternoon before it becomes pitch black at like 6pm.

Feat: Whelen Cadillac, Zignyl Toyota Supra, ATLSpeedwerks Honda Civic Type-R, Hagerty Porsche GT3R, BMW Motorsport M8–hard to pick a favorite, looking forward to seeing the rest!

Normal 105mm 1.4E Shot

105mm 2.8 Micro and ISCO Anamorphic

105mm 2.8 Micro and ISCO Anamorphic

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