3em Entertainment November Show – Nov 27, 2013

3em Entertainment Presents:

The Bad Boys
Nhom MTV, Khac Viet, Bang Cuong, Quoc Khanh, Mai Tien Dung, Huy Vu
Anh Tu, Huynh Gia Tuan, Hoang Phong, Tran Thai, Hoai Tam

Jacky Tai Fashion Show

Event Photography and Model Shoot by: Boon Vong, Phalatda Taysavang, Thomas Cannon and Friends!!

Notes: Recap and Behind the Scenes photos from this past weekend’s concert.  The photos in front of the step and repeat banner will be posted on FB.  Until then please enjoy a recap of the performers, fashion models, and fun times!

Before we really get into the event, here are some photos from the Pre-Party at Mazzy’s Sports Bar.

Now back to the event, pre concert…

Here’s my backdrop setup for the pre concert model shoot.  Way too cold to go outside so we set up inside the venue as usual.  Tech notes: Thunder Gray paper, Mola Beauty Dish and our twin Speedlight Bracket, our “DIY” LED light panels, and the most important item, a portable heater for the ladies!

The backs of the LED panels needed updating so I quickly put a photo collage together and printed it out on 12×36 photo prints from Costco.  Really nice quality, and shows again that photographs really should be printed out.  Takes away all discussion of what camera shot what and what settings, etc.

Getting autographs. 🙂  It’s funny, with all of our electronic communication, I think it’s lost how we all have pretty cool and unique handwriting.

Model Shoot

Models: Lucy, Susan, Rosanna, Jessica, Linda, Christine, Christina, Rita,….and “Jacqueline”! 😉

Makeup | Hair Stylists: Jacky Tài, Nia Nhi Tran, Vincent Le
Photographer: Boon Vong
Assistants and BTS: Annie Thai, Thomas, Phalatda
Fashion Show Coordinator: Trang Vo

So for the shoot, I bounced in between the Mola beauty Dish and using the “DIY” LED panels.  Both worked well, with different results.  You can tell from the catchlights the lighting setup.

Sure does remind me of someone from this angle…

“Family Photo”

After the shoot and before the concert, break for a snack at…Church’s Chicken!!  Yes, the glamorous life of Models and Photographers! 😀  The biscuits are worth the trip!

Okay, now back to the concert coverage…

More photos to come, but I think it’s good to try and sum up an entire day in around 100 photos.  Thanks for the fun time, see everyone next show…

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