Spring Photos + Nikon D5300

Model: Chau | Lenses: 18-55mm kit lens and 105mm 2.8 Micro (Nikon J1 for the product shots)

I would have to say I’m really enjoying using this “consumer” camera.  The Nikon colors really show up well on the LCD with the brightness at max and +2/3 EV.  Like all Nikons the default metering almost always makes photos too dark (in order to retain all that dynamic range in post), but on the flip side it renders way too hot with a speedlight for event photos of people though I’ve noticed.  For not serious walks around the park it’s fine.  Just know that this gen camera’s live view AF is horribly slow and clunky.  It also works great as one of my remote cameras since the raw files have ample room for cropping.

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