Photos: Boston


…………You know…………there’s more to me than drawings and photos of pretty girls………… I had a chance to finally view Jack Silberman’s very moving film on unexploded bombs in Laos.  The film is called Bombies, and everyone should really check it out.  What’s that information doing on my page, a journal that supposedly only focuses on my random drawings and interests?  Well… if everyone hasn’t noticed by now, I am an artist, born in Laos, but lived here in the U.S. almost all my life.  Even though I grew up on a steady diet of American pop culture, I haven’t forgotten the struggles of my elders and the people back home.  It’s a life that many my age and background can attest to, of trying to assimilate into the American culture, while still retaining our cultural roots.  After seeing the film, I wanted to scream in outrage, at the unfairness of situations in all corners of the globe and especially the horrible things that went on 30+ years ago back in Southeast Asia.  Yes, this coming from a person that again, can tell you all the invisible blocks in a level from Super Mario Bros., or the origins of all of Spider-Man’s villains, or the best place for Pork Buns off Buford Hwy.  Just because people my age grew up a certain way, or have other far different interests, doesn’t mean we don’t have the same capacity to feel, or empathize, with situations and lives of others across the world.

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