International Lao New Year 2009 – San Francisco, CA – Opening

International Lao New Year Opening Ceremony Novato Arts Center at Hamilton Field | Novato, California The opening ceremony was quite moving, hearing stories and memories from the various men and women who worked as volunteers at the base that was the original housing and processing center for thousands of Lao refugees. I found out later […]

…things that have been on my mind…

A few weeks ago we went to visit our old sponsors. It’s something most Lao people are familiar with, having an American family adopt us or help bring us over from the refugee camps. Over time, we grew up and moved away, while most of them passed away.

Season 3 Finale

…Season 3 Finale… A big thank you to anyone who has enjoyed my artwork and photos over the years, and of course those who have met me in “real life” and have a slightly better idea of the person that at first glance, “just draws and takes photos of girls…”  As you are reading this, […]