Sakura + Kimono

Notes: Thanks to Rachel (and Vicki), Monica, and Lan for posing on a cold day at Piedmont Park.  Cherry blossoms don’t last long, maybe 3 to 4 days at most around here.  Again, my “shoots” are almost always organic in nature, mostly with a “let’s see what’s around the corner type of mentality” combined with trying to optimize and utilize the best gear for the best results.  Can’t do much about the branch ruining the composition in the bird photo, but it sure did have a pretty song.  Birds…the original tweeters…with much more to say about the world than most of us…

Of course, please check out Kaz’s fashion products and accessories.  Without her kimonos and styling, it wouldn’t have worked.
和風日和 Kaz Style <– Domo Arigato!

Sakura + Kimono + Team Neekon = Sugoi!

Tech Notes: 17-55, 70-200, 50, 85, and IR Sigma.  Natural light and off camera speedlight.  Hard to say which setup “won” today but I like them all for different reasons.  Sometimes a katana will work, other times only some nun chucks will do. 🙂


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