Photos: Raven Cliffs Falls


Misc Notes: Raven Cliffs Falls, North of Helen, GA.  2.5 Mile hike from parking lot, following the stream and multiple stopping points for small waterfalls.  Trail is moderate to easy, however the “path” to the top of the falls is precarious and steep.  The waterfall has two pools, with some really cool water.  The bottom one is about 5 feet deep, and the one at the base of the waterfall itself is a neat little alcove with waist deep water.  I didn’t find a piece of the triforce in it, or a fairy to recharge my energy, but instead some nice travelers. 😉

Tech Notes: Nikon D90 in a plastic baggie, 17-55mm f/2.8, Canon EOS-1 film camera with a 28-80mm

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