Random Thursday

Notes: I don’t think I go out and take pictures, I more hang out, think of things to do other than being responsible, and the photos just naturally come out of it.  A friend in college once told me he never got any of his work done because, “I was too fun to be around.”  I would consider that a pretty high compliment.

Went out of town and came back to some roses in bloom.  Granted, I let that particular bush run wild, and the flowers aren’t going to win any beauty pageants, but that’s not the point, it’s free, grows how ever it wants and appreciated simply because it is.  If you can’t accept that, then the world is lost to you.

It’s good for a girl to stand in front of too. 🙂

When we were kids we used to ride our $40 bikes all day, and just leave them laying in the front yard, without a care if anyone would take them or not.

The videogames of my youth actually made me want to go out and explore the woods and surrounding areas.  I think that was the real intent of Miyamoto, to make kids wonder if there were still such things like magical caves and springs, and in turn make us go find them.

The water in the creek was warm, like summer rain, and a far cry from the frigid water at the falls a few weeks back.

People always assume that in order to be a real photographer you have to have a studio somewhere.  The outside world and natural light will always win out for me.  This ain’t Tokyo or far off exotic plains, the best place to take photos is where you are at.

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