Paris Baguette – Duluth, GA

3492 Satellite Blvd
Duluth, GA 30096

Open everyday from 8am onward!

I like this place because it’s wide open seating without all the hustle and bustle and craziness of Sweet Hut.  However the shelves are often bare though.  Visiting in the evening there isn’t as much variety or quantity in the baked goods like Mozart or any of the Sweet Huts.  One day this past winter I saw every seat taken, but hardly anything for customers to snack on.

Having said that though, I do like the above desserts.  They look really sweet, but it’s just enough for Asian taste buds.  The custard isn’t even to the sugar level of banana pudding, and the light chocolate in the croissant is something I like.  If you were to compare them to the sweetness of a Snicker’s bar (say level 8), those two desserts are like a level 3.

The toasted bread with the cherry tomatoes wasn’t as good as the picture, and something I can’t recommend.  The bread was a bit hard, and the very nature of cherry tomatoes is sour.  For me I’ll take a plain fried Chinese cruller from Chef Liu any day!

These desserts again are very light and I think a good complement to a sweet iced drink or a coffee.

Paris Baguette also has a very pretty refrigerated section with colorful cakes, breads and cookies.  The box of macarons below contains 4 and is about $10.50.  I do have to say the packaging is quite alluring.  How do they taste?  I have no idea, I’ll have to get the review from the ladies that are normally the recipient of this somewhat pricey gift box. 🙂

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