Puras Tortas $.50 Tacos! :)

STATUS: No Longer $.50 cents!! 🙁

Plaza Fiesta Food Court
4166 Buford Hwy NE
Atlanta, GA 30345

Puras Tortas is in the food court!  Get some tacos and play some classic games in the arcade! 🙂

Doing anything Wednesday? Because there’s a place that has $.50 tacos every Wednesday/Miercoles!!  The tacos are a bit smaller than Don Pedro’s but for a 50 cent snack they are amazing.  It’s a shame corporate fast food has brainwashed us with the “dollar/value” menu when I would rather support small restaurants with much better choices.

Here are the tacos to scale.  If you have spare change in your car, you too can eat like a king here todos los miercoles!  I can’t decide if I like the green or red hot sauce better, but both are a must.  The Buford Hwy corridor in the ATL just has an abundance of affordable food.  If you planned your routes smartly a person could save money and eat some really flavorful food every day, from $1.50 steamed pork buns to $.50 tacos.

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