Going through some old photos, figuring out what to do.  These are images from when I would stroll through New Orleans with an IR Sigma.

New Orleans: Street Photography

Street Photography from the Saturday and Sunday before Mardi Gras 2012. Fujifilm X100 to keep it light and simple. …However this little Fuji has been exhibiting the “sticky aperture blade” problem for quite some time now. Erratic exposures caused by the lens not being able to stop down correctly. Fujifilm USA, I hope this can be fixed for the cost of shipping only… ūüôĀ

New Orleans: Food and Feauxteaux

New Orleans, Easter Weekend.¬† When I do get to travel, I take photos, I eat, and here I am writing about it.¬† ūüôā I’ve been to New Orleans, probably over 20 times now.¬† We arrived in time for the sunset and the glow of the city. Crescent Pie and Sausage Company Eggplant with crawfish sitting […]

New Orleans: 4 Years after Katrina

  Notes: Sunrise over the Lower Ninth Ward.¬† Been down to New Orleans many times, and this¬†trip just happened to coincide with the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.¬† In that same time period, with the now quickened pace of life, people can graduate, change their last name and have kids.¬† Sadly, for this area of […]

New Orleans: IR and Black and White

    Technical Notes: Got a hang somewhat of processing the SD14 RAW files for false color¬†infrared¬†photos.¬† All these random images are just from my photo walks or bike rides through New Orleans with the Sigma sans IR filter, which is turning out to be a heck of a little “ghost cam.”¬† Again, the quirks […]

New Orleans: Sun up to Sun down

  Notes: It will probably be a long time before New Orleans gets back to its heyday of¬†tourists shoulder to shoulder on Bourbon Street, but I enjoy going down there because it’s different from¬†my norm.¬† “…Changes in latitude, changes in attitude…” The city still holds that unique charm: antique mansions versus urban decay–creepy unsettling violence¬†amidst […]

New Orleans

The weather was incredible in New Orleans.¬† While we were playing frisbee at Audubon Park, there was a very nice wedding taking place across the street at Loyola University.¬† Hopefully the people didn’t mind us taking a few shots.¬† The wedding party or bride didn’t arrive in a streetcar though, which would have been quite […]

Photos: Sugar Bowl – Hawaii vs Georgia

Nice to see the streetcar running in NOLA again. The Hawaii fans¬†had such a huge showing that they could have won the game on spirit alone.¬† When it came to cheering, the Hawaii¬†Warrior dance team really had some moves. Even when the game was well out of reach at 41-3 in favor of UGA, the […]