Model: Minjee
MUA/Stylist: Nhi

Young Woman sitting in a field of flowers

Notes:  I wonder if all the girls out there realize that most guys (including myself) prefer it when you ladies are just normal, without much makeup.  We like you in t-shirts and jeans, scars and all…  Granted, the first images are beauty shots for a specific portfolio purpose, but if it was up to me, all my shoots would be just about stepping outside and taking some good honest, simple, and pretty pictures.  No set time, no particular place to be, just shoot for the fun of it.

I’ve also been testing out the new addition to the Team Neekon fleet, an Olympus E-PL1.  Will probably keep it “stock” for awhile, and maybe later mess with all the crazy lens adapters out there.  This camera with the 14-42 kit lens is actually not bad.  Very nice jpeg output from this camera, and like I always say, different tools for different situations.  Due to the camera not having a mirror the smaller registration allows for almost every brand of lens to be mounted on it, with a 2X “increase” in focal length.  Good or bad depending on what you shoot.  Perhaps the next generation of Micro 4/3 cameras will utilize a quieter shutter combined with an electronic one for crazy flash sync speeds, because it is still not a quiet tool for say an intimate setting.  Comparing this camera to my old Coolpix 8700, it makes me realize how far the technology and image quality has come in a few short years.

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